How to Be a Good Seller

So you have decided to sell your home. The first thing to do is to select a Realtor to assist you.  Do you honestly want to be vetting people who want to see your home? Who are they? Do they know what they are doing as far as being a Buyer? Are they qualified to purchase your home…or are you being someone’s Saturday afternoon entertainment?  As I say in the How to Be a Good Buyer section, pick the Realtor who you feel is the most qualified, but also make sure he or she is the one who meets  your comfort level in seeing you through what I call “the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”, any of which can crop up during a transaction. Your Realtor works for you and you need to feel like it.

Next, step back emotionally and look around your home. Are the walls a little dingy and needing some fresh paint? Does your carpet need cleaning? Do you need a shovel to see the tops of your kitchen counters? Let’s move outside. Is it green grass in the lawn or green weeds in the lawn? Any peeling paint? Believe it or not, peeling paint is a big “no no” for some types of loans.  Set out to do some major “fluff and buff” inside and out. Ask your Realtor if they would suggest anything else.

In your local market, your Realtor knows what has sold, when it sold, can spot trends, and can help you set a price for your home. Talk frankly with your Realtor and listen to each other!