With everything that is going on right now, a lot of people are facing some hard times ahead. Having hope and staying positive, especially when times get tough, is essential to staying grounded. The coronavirus is affecting people in a huge variety of different ways. Here are some ways that you can get through hard times.

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Stay Positive

Staying positive through hard times is one of the most important things you should do, if not the most important thing you should do. When you try really hard to remain positive, it sets you up for success and can help you get through the hardest of times. Remember that even the worst of time eventually have an end and that this won’t go on forever. These hard times might beat you up and knock you down but that is ok. As long as you pick yourself up and keep moving forward. Rely on friends and family for support. Even though you may not be able to be together right now through the quarantine, you can still talk with everyone you love. Arrange for video chats and phone calls. Text the people you love regularly. Talk about the hard things but also be positive and talk about the good things. Come up with ideas together so you can all come through stronger.

woman sitting outside in aspen trees
Get Outside

The fresh air and sunshine are great for you. It will help you mentally and even can help with your physical health. Countless studies have proven that sunshine and fresh air can improve your mood. The sun and clean air are also nature’s best disinfectants. Sunlight can kill germs and other harmful microbes. Now isn’t the time to plan a road trip, however. The state of Colorado has issued stay at home orders which means remaining within your community. Look up trails that are right in your neighborhood and go for a walk, run, or bike ride. If you have dogs, they’re going to love spending more time with you. Take them with you and think about all the time your dog spends alone. Now is the time to make up for being gone at work all the time!

woman painting with watercolors
Try Something Creative

When times get tough, isn’t it true that we turn to the arts? Music, books, movies, and other arts entertain us and lift our spirits. Why not try something creative? Art isn’t just painting or drawing. You could try photography, make miniature films or movies with your phone, or even get outside and plant some flowers or vegetables. Even with activities like drawing and painting, there are endless methods of how to create. You can search YouTube for how-to videos or browse Pinterest and actually do some of those projects and ideas that you saved. Everyone can create in their own way, there’s no right or wrong way. So try something new, think outside the box, and have fun getting creative! You can also look at your situation in a creative way. If you’ve lost your job, now that you have more time, could you start a business? Being creative with your situation isn’t always easy but it sometimes can help you see a way out.

person with joy
Do Something That Makes You Happy

Think about something that really, really makes you happy. You could make a list of things that make you happy and then do some of those things. Sometimes you really just need a pick-me-up and doing something that makes you happy can give you that boost. Try to do a little something that makes you happy every single day. This can help you maintain a positive mindset to get you through difficult times. Read a good book, watch a funny or heartwarming movie, talk with your friends and family, play with your dog, spend time with your spouse, or cook a great meal. Whatever it is that makes you happy, go and do it.

reading a book and learning with a cup of coffee
Keep Your Mind Occupied by Learning

A great way to pass the time is by learning something new. You could learn a new skill, trade, or craft. Or you could learn about something through documentaries such as science, nature, or history. You can also take virtual tours of amazing places around the world, learning about different arts, cultures, and natural areas. Another great thing to do is learn from the past. Look up stories of how various people got through hard times in the past by pushing through, getting creative in their ideas, and diversifying. Inspiring stories like these can lift your spirits and give you hope. The more you can do to cultivate a positive attitude, the better you’ll be prepared to get through hard times.

In these strange days… there are still a lot of good things that you can do right here in your Montrose CO homes:

  • Getting outdoors – NOT CANCELLED
  • Reading – NOT CANCELLED
  • Singing – NOT CANCELLED
  • Laughing – NOT CANCELLED

If you are buying or selling Montrose, CO Real Estate during these times, contact me and we can have that conversation!