Does your dog need some socializing, or maybe just to get rid of some of that energy? You’re in luck because Montrose now has a dog park open from sunrise to sunset. The Montrose Dog Park is located on the north end of cerise park. The dog park consists of 4.25 acres and has a mixture of wild land and turf areas. There are two fenced areas within the already fenced park, one area for small dogs, and one for larger dogs. The park has areas to calm your dog before letting them free into the main area. The park that is walking distance from the Uncompahgre River Recreation Trail is equipped with a water fountain for dogs and people, benches, picnic tables, trash cans, and dog bag dispensers so the park may remain clean. Here are some tips for when you take your dog to the new park.

#1- Evaluate how your dog acts on leash


Before taking your dog’s leash off and letting him roam wild you need to evaluate how he’s going to respond to being at the park. If your dog is yanking, barking or whining when they see another dog he may not be ready to be off leash. Your dog should be calm when he encounters another dog. When dogs meet they should calmly sniff and check one another out, there shouldn’t be jumping or signs of intensity.


#2-Introduce your dog to others while he is still on leash first

Introducing your dog to other dogs while still on the leash allows control for you and helps guide your dog with making decisions. By doing this you are able to step in if a dog approaches yours too aggressively. By having your dog on the leash it also shows your dog you are there to help make decisions because he may be slightly overwhelmed and freaked out if this is his first time in a setting like this.


#3- Take your dog somewhere similar to a dog park

If your dog has never been to a dog park try taking him somewhere similar to help them get a feel. Take him to a park or area that is open but still fenced and let him roam around off leash. This way your dog will have a little bit of an idea and understanding when you do finally take him to the dog park.

#4- Pay attention to your dog at all times


Just as you would pay attention with your child playing on a playground, the dog park is a playground for your dog. There are other dogs at the park and you should pay attention to make sure your dog isn’t being annoying to other dogs, and to make sure your dog isn’t the one being bullied by the other dogs.


#5- Make sure your dog can listen to some basic commands   


You need to make sure your dog understands basic commands such as “come” because you don’t want your dog running around the park and when it’s time to leave be chasing him down. Or worse, your dog could come across wild animals that you probably don’t want him near.


#6- Make sure your dog isn’t being possessive


If you decide to bring toys or treats for your dog make sure he doesn’t get too aggressive or possessive. These things tend to make some dogs act this way and you want to make sure your dog is playing fair and won’t try to start a fight. This goes along with making sure your dog knows some of those simple commands such as “drop it” or “leave it”.


#7- Give rewards when applicable


Before you leash your dog up and leave the park evaluate if he deserves a treat based on how he behaved. This is also a good rule if they listened when you called them to “come” when it is time leave. Your dog was out playing and having a great time, so in his mind he may not understand why he’s being “punished” by being put back on the leash and having to leave. If you reward him for listening this may help him make more sense of what is going on. You can also give smaller rewards throughout the time he is at the park if you think they are deserved.

#8- Watch your dogs water intake


Your dog is out having a blast and may not stop for a good drink of water because he’s having too much fun. Make sure your dog is staying hydrated, especially when you take your dog to the park during those hot summer months. Your dog can become dehydrated quickly while running around like crazy with all his new buddies.


Preparing and training your dog are key practices to make your trip to the dog park successful. Don’t forget practice makes perfect! So the more you take your dog to the park the more experienced he and you will become and your trips to the dog park will become more fun for both you and your pooch. I hope these tips are useful and you will soon be taking your dog to enjoy the dog park. Thanks for reading!