If you’re moving out of your small home to a larger one, you may only be seeing the downsides to your small home. Many buyers, however, are looking for homes just like yours in Montrose, Colorado! A lot of people see the benefits to a smaller home including lower utility costs, easier maintenance, and it may be plenty of space for their needs. 

Lower Utility, Tax, and Maintenance Costs

When listing your home and talking to potential buyers, a big selling point can be how low utilities cost. You can include an average of what you pay for various utilities as a selling point in brochures, flyers, and online real estate listings. If your home is on a smaller lot, you can do some research on taxes on larger lots. Then use that information to tell potential buyers how much in taxes they could potentially save. A smaller home with a smaller lot is also going to need less maintenance overall. People will spend less on things like gas for lawnmowers and won’t be overwhelmed with yardwork such as from a bigger property.

family in a small home in Montrose, CO
For the Right People, It Is Enough Space

Some people are actually looking for a small home just like yours! Some people travel a lot or spend more time outside so having a larger home isn’t as important to them. Others like small homes because they are easier to care for and don’t cost as much to maintain. You just need to find the right buyer for your home and as your Montrose, Colorado real estate agent, I can connect you with the right buyers.

What can you do to make your small home more appealing to potential buyers? My biggest tip is to cut the clutter! Even if you have to rent a storage unit for a while, getting rid of as much clutter in your house as possible will open up the space. This includes wall decor. Even if it may not be taking up that much space, if your walls are cluttered with pictures, decor, and other art, it can make the surrounding spaces seem tight. If you usually keep the curtains or blinds shut, open them all the way up to let in as much light as possible. Be sure to keep your windows and your house clean as well. A clean house will definitely be more appealing to potential buyers that come to look at your house.

Maintenance is Easier on a Small Home

Both first-time homebuyers and people who are looking to downsize are going to look for properties that’d be easier to maintain. Let people know the time it takes you to mow the lawn. Sell other benefits such as xeriscaping that requires no watering or easy landscapes to maintain. Be sure to mention any systems or appliances that are new. This means more peace of mind for the buyer since new appliances and systems are less likely to fail and many times are covered by warranty.

With less square footage, there will be fewer things that require maintenance, fixing, and cleaning. If they want to remodel down the road, there will be less to pay for. Less square footage in a small home can also make DIY projects easier.

a clean, staged living room in a small home
Staging Your House

You don’t have to go all out with staging your home, but a few small things can make a big difference. As mentioned before, decluttering and letting the light in will help a lot. Consider rearranging your furniture, plants, decor, and other items to make your home seem more spacious. Make sure that nothing is too close to doorways and don’t clutter too many plants around windows. Adjust things in your house so that nothing is sectioning off rooms too much. Move items around so that you can easily see all the way through and make a wide walkway all the way through various rooms.

Adding a few flowers and other colorful accents can help draw attention to nicer areas of your small home. Bright and light colors can make a room seem more open. If you need to repaint or do other small repairs to get your house ready to sell, you could repaint in a lighter color. Clean up the landscaping around your home to bring attention to your home. Potential buyers tend to go over smaller homes with more of a fine-toothed comb so ensuring it is in great shape can help you sell your home faster!



People are looking for small homes for sale in Montrose, Colorado! If you are trying to sell your home in the Montrose, Colorado area, contact me to see how I can help connect you with potential buyers.